Enhancing Speech Analysis with Autophon’s Forced Alignment

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Autophon, a free prototype web app, offers a powerful tool known as forced alignment. In this article, we will explore how Autophon’s forced alignment capabilities enhance speech analysis, providing researchers and linguists with valuable insights.

Autophon: A Brief Overview

Autophon is a web application that utilizes forced alignment to convert audio files and corresponding transcripts into time-aligned phonetic annotations. This annotation is readable in Praat, a popular software for speech analysis. Autophon’s forced alignment is based on The Montreal Forced Aligner, and the language-specific models are trained on naturally-occurring spontaneous speech.

The Advantages of Autophon’s Forced Alignment

Accurate Phonetic Annotations

Autophon’s forced alignment technology ensures accurate time-aligned phonetic annotations, enabling researchers to study speech patterns with precision. By aligning the audio and transcript, Autophon provides a visual representation of phonetic segments, making it easier to analyze and understand the nuances of speech.

Nordic Language Support

Autophon’s forced alignment caters specifically to the Nordic languages, including Danish, Norwegian Bokmål, and Swedish. This support is invaluable for researchers and linguists working with these languages, as it assists in phonetic analysis, linguistic research, and second language acquisition studies.

Future Expansion

Autophon’s creators have ambitious plans for future expansion. They aim to include additional languages, such as Faroese, Finnish, Elfdalian, Greenlandic, Icelandic, Norwegian Nynorsk, and Sami. This expansion will broaden the scope of research possibilities and contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of various languages.

How to Utilize Autophon’s Forced Alignment

Sign Up and Login

To access Autophon’s forced alignment capabilities, users need to sign up for an account and log in. Registration is free, making it accessible to researchers, linguists, and language enthusiasts worldwide.

Input Audio and Transcript

Once logged in, users can upload their audio files and corresponding transcripts. Autophon’s forced alignment technology will analyze the data, aligning the phonetic segments with the corresponding time intervals in the audio.

Analyze and Explore

After the alignment process is complete, users can explore the time-aligned phonetic annotations generated by Autophon. These annotations can be visualized and studied in Praat, providing researchers with valuable insights into speech patterns and linguistic features.


Autophon’s forced alignment technology offers a valuable resource for researchers and linguists in the field of speech analysis. By providing accurate time-aligned phonetic annotations, Autophon enhances the study of speech patterns and contributes to a deeper understanding of various languages. With its Nordic language support and plans for future expansion, Autophon continues to be a powerful tool in the realm of forced alignment and linguistic research.

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