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Understanding Price Source in SAP Business One Documents

As businesses grow, they need to manage their finances effectively, including tracking prices and discounts across various scenarios. SAP Business One offers a powerful feature called ‘Price Source’ to help companies handle pricing information efficiently within their documents. This article explores how to utilize the Price Source field to ensure accurate and consistent pricing throughout your organization.

Identifying Price Source Field Values

The Price Source field in SAP Business One documents can contain several values, each indicating a different pricing scenario. These include:

  1. Inactive Pricelist: Indicates that the price list for the business partner is currently inactive.
  2. Active Price List: Means that the price is taken directly from the business partner’s active price list without any discounts.
  3. Active Price List, Discount Groups: Indicates that the discount is derived from the discount group, and the price comes from the active price list.
  4. Special Prices for Business Partners: Shows that the price is sourced from the ‘Special Prices for Business Partners’ window.
  5. Period and Volume Discount: Signifies that the price is obtained from the ‘Period and Volume Discounts’ window.
  6. Period and Volume Discount, Discount Groups: Represents that the discount is taken from the discount group, and the price is sourced from the period and volume discount.

Setting Up Visibility for Price Source Field

To view the Price Source field in SAP Business One documents, you need to set it as visible within the Form Settings. By default, this field is hidden; hence, enabling visibility allows users to monitor pricing sources effectively.

Benefits of Using Price Source Field

The Price Source field proves useful during initial setup and ongoing maintenance of pricing strategies. Monitoring this field helps identify potential discrepancies or errors in your system, ensuring accurate pricing across all transactions. Additionally, understanding the source of prices assists businesses in making informed decisions related to sales, purchasing, and inventory management.


SAP Business One Price Source feature streamlines pricing management by providing valuable insights into the origin of prices and discounts within your documents. Enabling visibility for this field enhances transparency and accuracy throughout your financial processes. Implementing proper usage of the Price Source field leads to improved efficiency, better decision-making, and ultimately, a stronger bottom line for your organization.

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